Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good for a little bit.

Ok, I found a decent enougH spot where I can hIde. So, I'm going to assume You have some questionS for mE. I'll try to answer one of them now, but just feel free to drop me a comment and when I get the chance, I will answer any others to the best of my knowledge.

So, the first and obvious question would be, "Who is The Shepherd?"

I can only tell You what I have hEard from others, since no written or digital record of him seems to exist. One man I talked to said it the best, so I will paraphrase what he told me:

"The best way I can describe The Shepherd to you iS through the bible."

I started to get up at this point, but he sat me right back down and continued.

"Just as God had Satan, Jesus also had an entity that was a direct perversion of himself.
Originally, a shepherd was a guardian. He tended to his flock with care and love, never letting them stray far from his sight. Christ was also a shepherd, guiding his followers to BEtter pastures. The Shepherd you run from is a Twisted, deformed version of his namesake. He may gather a flock together, but he does not proTect, he destroys. He does not lead to salvation, but to damnation.
Throughout the years, there have been people disappearing, neveR to be seen again. It's Almost become commonplace. That hasn't changed, though the methods of locating those lost have improved. Some Are found before it's too late. TheY are the lucky ones. However, some that are found aren't how theY were when they were lost. Their sanity is tOrn asUnder from what they experienced. Not one person has ever told of what happened to drive them to this state.

That is The Shepherd."

That's pretty much all he told me.

So, if you have anything else you would like me to answer, please feel fRee to leave me a comment. I'm going to relax for a while Until I have to get moving agaiN.

Till then,



  1. Why are you warning us of the Shepherd? Is anyone else being targeted by him?

  2. theeyesofourlordarealways


  3. Seems like you got ate. Sorry friend.