Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Good, you're here. That means you got my message and didn't just blow me off like some troll. My name is Joshua Leeks, but you can call me JL.

Everyone else did.

Now, to the point.

The reason I wanted you here is to tell you about The Shepherd. No, not the one who gathers sheep, though I guess this Shepherd could fit in to that category to an extent. This Shepherd doesn't gather sheep, but humans.

Now, before you go off and say this is bull, let me ask you something.

Have you ever looked out your window and felt something there, just out of sight, waiting for you? When you walk down the street, be it midday or dead of night, do you feel eyes that seem to follow your every move? Do you ever wonder if the next step you take may be the step that sends you over the edge of reality and drops you into the realm of nightmares?

You have to ask yourself these questions. Because if you answer yes to any of them, then you could be next to join the flock.

I have to move now, keep ahead of him as much as I can. Unfortunately, that will mean leaving this wifi spot. When I get reception again, I will clue you in on how this all came around.

Till then,


Oh, and one last thing before I go, no, this isn't about that slenderman everyone keeps talking about. Just wanted to put that out there. Though they share some characteristics, this is not a creature trying to look dapper in a business suit. The Shepherd doesn't need to try and achieve some semblance of blending in.


  1. Good.
    It seems I'm not the only one. I've done all the research I could online, but all that kept popping up was Slenderman for that Something Awful thing. I guess it's true what they say, every fable has some element of truth to it. This thing, this being, it's not like anything we've ever seen before. We should exchange information, I don't think there's much time left. It's watching, always watching.

  2. It is true, I have felt eyes upon me, even in my own home. If there is something called a "Shepard", I would like to learn more of it before it decides to learn more of me.